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Law Enforcment/Medical Examiners

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New Services offered for Law Enforcement and Medical Examiners

Project Locate is a special team of professionals created by Wisconsin Advocates for Families of Missing People to assist in the recovery and the identification of missing and unidentified adults. Project Locate consists of unique, multiple functions to assist Law Enforcement and
Families of missing adults.
Project Locate assists Law Enforcement and Medical Examiners in the area of Forensics. WAFMP has a Certified Composite Artist who has attended special training through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children; whose time is donated developing Age Progressions on cases that meet WAFMP criteria. A highly skilled team of Facial Reconstruction Artists is also available to provide 3-D reconstruction on unidentified victims submitted through our organization.
Family Assistance is provided by licensed Private Detectives throughout the Nation who provide services at reduced or no cost for the families we assist.
Project Locate is a constantly growing team. We always welcome new talent and experience!
**Please contact us to utilize these services!!

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