Wisconsin Advocates for Families of Missing People
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WAFMP Mission Statement

Our goal at Wisconsin Advocates for Families of Missing People is to provide community awareness and closure and emotional relief to Wisconsin's families of missing endangered adults. WAFMP assists families of missing adults by providing immediate support to the families, distributing flyers, informing media and law enforcement of the missing status of loved ones. WAFMP also provides financial assistance in areas such as hiring investigators, transportation, planning benefits along with other needed areas of the search, and by assisting through grass roots efforts searches for the lost and through understanding and support from volunteers for those left behind. WAFMP also provides community education services in a variety of areas to reduce the incidence of tragedy and missing persons in Wisconsin.

Our Volunteers
We are a team of dedicated volunteers that come from varieties of educational backgrounds. In short, we have many Private Detectives, Certified Composite Artists, members of Law Enfoecement, a Hair Stylist, Stay-at-home moms, Radio Personality and many more. We  work closely with the Law Enforcement Agencies, Medical Examiners, Media and the many organizations dedicated to missing persons to aid in the safe return of any misssing adult in Wisconsin. 

How You Can Contribute

WAFMP runs solely off of donations we receive and funding from our volunteers. Donations to WAFMP are gratefully appreciated. WAFMP is now incorporated as a non-stock/not-for-profit organization and is registered with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions. We have applied for tax-exempt status with the IRS, but has not been formally approved as of this date. Donations can be sent directly to the
National Bank of Waupun
210 E. Main St.
Waupun, WI 53963
Please make sure it states it is for WAFMP
**We now accept donations via PayPal

Current Fundraiser
WAFMP along with the families of Wisconsin's Endangered Missing Adults are putting together a Cook Book in memory of the missing adults in Wisconsin. These cook books will be sold for $10 each and the money will be used to aid the search efforts of current and furture missing adults. We are asking for people to submit there recipes by July 31, 2005. Please double-check spelling and measurements. Include the serving amount on each recipe and at least you first name and location. For more information and detail as to how the money raised will be used, please contact us.
Please send your recipes to:
  P.O. Box 106 
  Waupun,WI 53963

Services Provided
- Advocacy and Support
- Listing of missing person with the proper organizations
- Referrals to Private Detectives
- Intermediary between family and Law Enforcement
- Organizing media inquiries and air time/press conferences
- Organizing of vigils, benefits, ect.
- Setting up funds for donation
- Help locating reward money
- Age Progressions done by Certified Composite Artists (must meet requirements)
- Education in safety and what to do if your loved one is missing
- Free adult information records
- Assistance to Law Enforcement and Medical Examiners by listing Unidentified Adult Victims in our system
- Assisting in finding the identity of Unidentified Adult Victims by trying to locate possible matches to missing people
and many more

Help support our services!