Wisconsin Advocates for Families of Missing People
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Case Submission for Relatives

**Please read the following Procedures and download the appropriate form.
Procedures for Submitting a Case
1. Notify Wisconsin Advocates for Families of Missing People of the situation

2. Fill out form completely and return promptly and include all contact information on   the form

3. A Case Worker will verify information with the investigating Law Enforcement Agency

4. WAFMP will enter the victim into our database

5. WAFMP assists each family in submitting the information to additional agencies that will assist in displaying the information.

6. The person submitting the case is responsible for informing WAFMP of a change in status of case

7. Upon submission of a missing adult, WAFMP will then determine the needs of the victim  and the family. We will verify information provided with Law Enforcement and then contact you. At that same time, we will refer each family to a Case Worker/Family Advocate.

Download Missing Adult Intake Form (for relatives)

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